Win a Free 3D Printed Gun (Hawkmoon)

gCreate saw the video where I announced there would be a contest for the test print of my Hawkmoon from Destiny. They said, “What if we sponsored the filament and had you give away a fully printed brand new Hawkmoon from Destiny?”


The idea is simple – subscribe to my YouTube channel here, and you’re entered into the drawing. If you’re already subscribed, you’re already entered. If you’re NOT subscribed, you should subscribe!

On August 15th I will choose one lucky person from the list of subscribers of my channel, and pick them to receive the free 3D printed Hawkmoon from Destiny!

This is exciting!

BIG THANKS again to gCreate, who make and sell the gMax 1.5 XT printer that I use to print everything!

Please watch: “Fan Mail Friday – On a Saturday!”