Update on my Problematic Prusa i3 mk3 3D Printer

I have two Prusa i3 mk3 printers for review – one a kit, and another a fully assembled machine. The kit printer has been working flawlessly! The fully assembled machine has not – it’s experienced a number of layer shifts, and it clogs and jams very, very easily.

Prusa had said my mk3 should not have left the factory – it was mistakenly sent to me. My mk3 was used for training new employees I believe. When it arrived it was still put together well, and I still have some very good prints from it. However, the now constant jams and problems removing filaments mean the printer isn’t easily usable.

I also don’t think it’s fair to judge the fully assembled unit when the one I have wasn’t suppose to end up in a review. Prusa sent another fully assembled mk3 to me – one that was suppose to be sent out, heh – and I’ll get to finish the review with it.

Also, yes, I know my nose is red. It’s allergy season in Seattle, and it sucks.

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