Top 5 3D Printing Things at CES 2017

While at CES 2017 I got to see a lot of really cool things in the 3D Printing area, even though I had a very, very short amount of time. I hope to be able to spend much more time at CES next year, and get a lot more footage of ALL the booths. For now, here is what I thought were the Top 5 things I saw in the 3D Printing area.

5. Raise3D large prints

Raise3D raised the bar with their booth and the numerous large prints they brought along. It was great to see the full size Storm Trooper helmet and guitar, but they also showed off some HUGE geometric shapes, and even an interlocking print that felt like a filament blanket. The large building prints were a hit as well, with the Burj Kalifa standing tall above the rest.

4. Flashforge Hunter DLP resin printer

Flashforge has entered the resin printing market with the Hunter 3d printer. It’s a resin-based DLP machine with a build volume of 120mm x 67.5mm x 150mm. When I saw the machine it wasn’t printing, however, they were showing prints from the machine, and the prints looked incredibly good. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this machine.

3. Dagoma $349 fully assembled Delta printer

The Dagoma $349 Delta printer stands out as an incredibly low-cost fully featured, fully assembled 3d printer. With a build area of 180mm diameter x 200mm tall, prints from the machine were looking good, and it looks like I’ll have this machine in to review once it starts shipping.

2. Titan Robotics 5 gantry Escher printer

The 5-gantry Cronus printer was quite a sight. It has a 1956mm x 762mm x 508mm build area and will print any material you can throw at it. Each extruder has a max temp of 380c and the bed will go to 175c. It’s an incredible machine, and I truly hope I get the chance to see it again.

1. Markforged Metal printer

The Metal X printer from Markforged brings the ability to print with metal to the “desktop” market. It uses a process called ADAM – Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing, and it can scan the part as it prints, ensuring you get the exact dimensional accuracy you need for the part you are printing.

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