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The Gear You Need for Your YouTube Studio!

Sean went on a spending spree! In this video he’ll go over all of the equipment he recommends for starting your own YouTube studio, as well as some other less expensive alternatives! Links to all items mentioned in this video below, as well as a few others!


Panasonic GH5:
Sony a6500:
Sony ax53:
Metabones Speedbooster to use Canon Lenses on the GH5:


Canon 24-105mm (speedbooster required):
Canon 16-35mm (speedbooster required):
Canon 70-200mm (speedbooster required):
Canon 24-70mm (speedbooster required):
Voigtlander 25mm (no speedbooster required):

Lens Alternatives for full focal range coverage (no speedbooster required):

Panasonic 20mm:
Pansonic 12-35mm:
Olympus 40-150mm:


Rode Video Mic:
Sennheiser AVX Wireless Audio Lav Only:
Sennheiser AVX Wireless Audio Lav and Stick Mic:

Cheaper Lav Mic Alternative (wired):
Cheaper Shotgun Mic Alternative:
Recording audio separately will require an audio recorder, I recommend the Tascam DR60DmkII:

Sound Dampening Foam:


Aputure COB 120D:
Manfrotto Light Stands:
“Kicker” Lights:
Aputure Light Dome:
Aputure Fresnel Lens:
Lighting Alternative Three-Light Kit:

Monitors (various options):

Ninja Inferno with Accessories:
You’ll need a breakout cable to record audio with the Ninja Inferno:
SmallHD Monitor (no recording):
24″ Computer Monitor:
Ballmount for Cage


X-rite Color Checker Passport:
Camera Cage:
Colored Gels:
Manfrotto Quick Release Plate:
Alternative to Manfrotto Brand Quick Release Plate:
Manfrotto Tripod:
Tripod Alternative:
12″ Turntable/Lazy Susan:
Foam Spray: