Nerd Vlog 013 – Matterhackers, NerdHQ, New Printers!

I have some awesome travel coming up, plus, new printers arrived! First, I’ll be at Matterhackers on July 19th for a fun meet up, then I’ll be at NerdHQ during San Diego Comic Con July 21-24. Lastly, I talk about the 3DGence ONE, Fabrikator Mini, TEVO Tarantula, and the Raise3D N2+

Come hang with me July 19th at Matterhackers for an awesome meet up! There will be food and beverages, techs on hand to diagnose failed prints, others from the community to meet and exchanges ideas with, BILL DORAN from PUNISHED PROPS – it’s going to be EPIC. Plus, I’ll be giving out crisp high fives!


DESIGN CHALLEGE: http://www.matterhackers.com/withinreach

Come find me July 21-24 at The Nerd Machine’s NerdHQ just outside San Diego Comic Con at the New Childrens Museum. I’ll be there all 4 days with the other volunteers helping make the event happen!


Lastly, an update on some printers that are here at the channel:

– 3DGence ONE will be the next printer I review, big thanks to Preet from Designbox3D – http://designbox3d.com/products/3dgence-one-pro

– TEVO Tarantula is a new kit printer that I’ll be putting together with the kids. http://tevoprinter.com/

– Fabrikator Mini is a small little printer, and after seeing Chuck Hellebuyck and Maker’s Muse with it, I can’t wait to start using it. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__80707__Mini_Fabrikator_3D_Printer_by_Tiny_Boy_Transparent_US_110V.html

– Raise3D N2+ is a HUGE printer that ships in a giant box atop it’s own pallet! I cannot wait to get this one out of the box. That’ll be an event! https://www.raise3d.com/pages/raise3d-n2-plus

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