Midwest RepRap Festival,  On Location

MRRF in 60 Seconds!

The oldest 3D Printing show is BACK, this time, with a twist! I gave people 60 SECONDS to talk about their booth, their product, their anything! The results are FANTASTIC I I really hope you enjoy this unique look into MRRF 2021!

IC3D 3D Printed Toys For Tots:

0:00 Intro
0:32 Luke Cunningham & Project OpenFuse SLS
1:37 John for Tripod’s Garage
2:39 Andrew Martinussen for 3D Gloop!
3:41 Greg’s Maker Corner
4:45 Jerry & Jack Fisher DIY Turret Toolhead
5:52 Ed Stoddard & Multi Head Delta
6:55 Claudio Donndelinger for IC3D + 3D Printed Toys for Tots
8:02 Leo for FilamentOne
9:09 Kevin & Project FDL Nerf Blasters
10:12 Evan Lloyd & his Prints
11:14 Shau-Ting for Overhang Lab
12:18 Jim from Edge of Tech & the Upside Down SeeMeCNC Artemis
13:23 Joe Spanier & his Milk Crate CNC
14:29 John Olhoft for Lulzbot and the Sidekick 3D Printer
15:36 Travis Schall – Sad Narwhal Props
16:43 Jason & the BIGGEST CoreXY at MRRF
17:49 Bill Steele for 3D Chameleon
18:53 Dan Barousse for Slice Engineering

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