I’m starting to get asked more and more about the gear I use in my YouTube videos. To show it off, I thought I would post a GEAR page here on the website. I’ll mention a product and link it back to an Amazon product page via an affiliate link. This way, if you choose to invest in the same gear I have, buying it through that link will give a small kickback to the channel.

I’ve made picking up my gear for your own easy – just click the image, or the link, and it’ll take you to the Amazon website via my affiliate link. If you decided to purchase gear using this method, it’s at no cost to you, and the channel gets a very small kickback for the referral.

Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder

The Sony AX53 is a great camera and I use it for neary EVERY video I produce these days. It’s incredibly easy to take to event and film with as well.

Buy the Sony AX53 on

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

The Zoom H6 is a six-track audio recording powerhouse in a tiny little container. This is what I route all of my microphones through when I’m doing a live broadcast, plus, it’s small enough to take anywhere I am traveling. I love that it has manual dials for controlling level, and the color screen is easy to see and makes for making adjustments fast and easy. I love this thing.

Buy the Zoom H6 on

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter

I have great luck with these memory cards, and they are priced very well. I do 64gb cards because they forces me to swap cards if one fills up, and I don’t have an entire day of shooting all on one card. That said, I’ve also never shot enough to where I had to swap cards mid-shoot. I _DO_ have two, though, just in case.

Buy the Sandisk 64GB sdcard on

GoPro HERO5 Black

I picked up the GoPro because I wanted to use it on vacations AND for timelapse recordings on the 3d printers. It works like a champ and I couldn’t be happier. What really sold me on the HERO5 is that it has a screen on the back that allows for adjusting settings EASILY. The HERO5 is also waterproof down to 30 feet without any addition housings. Great little cam.

Buy the GoPro HERO5 on

Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A omni-directional EW system

I’ve had the Sennheiser wireless lav system for quite some time, originally picking it up to film a family wedding. It’s worked flawlessly in the many years I’ve had it, and has been crucial at providing crisp, clean audio for my YouTube channel. Obviously, the Sennheiser system isn’t cheap, but it’s regarded as some of these best, if not the best, audio equipment to have around. I highly recommend it.

Buy the Sennheiser Wireless System on