Lulzbot TAZ6 3D Printer Review

I’m now able to finalize my review of the Lulzbot TAZ6 3d printer, and WOW. The Lulzbot TAZ6 performs extremely well, and it’s supported well from a great company. What is my final recommendation for the printer? Watch and find out 🙂 Buy a Lulzbot TAZ6 from Matterhackers (affiliate): — […]

3D Printing a Coin Sorter

We have lots of coins at the house, so I thought it was time I 3d printed a coin sorter. I found one on Thingiverse, and printed it twice. Once on the Ultimaker 3 using Colorfabb HT, and once on the Lulzbot TAZ6 using Polymaker Polylite PLA. == Support the […]

Save the Pangolins for World Pangolin Day

The Pangolin is known as the scaly anteater, and is reaching extinction levels. People hunt them for their meat and scales, with some believing their scales have medicinal properties. World Pangolin Day is the day we try to raise awareness for this cute little creature. Pangolin model on Thingiverse: […]

Lulzbot at CES and Unboxing the TAZ6

While at CES I was able to visit the Lulzbot booth AND chat about my review. My TAZ6 review was unfinished because of machine problems, and we talked about getting a TAZ6 to me to finish the review. Fast forward to today, and I now have another TAZ6! Their booth […]