Satisfying Prints from the Daedalus 3D Printer!

Satisfying Prints from the Daedalus 3D Printer!

I’ve had the Project R3D Daedalus 3d printer for a while, and it’s printing out SUPER satisfying prints. It made the last parts for the 3d printed speaker, and to show you those, you _HAVE_ to see what else I’ve done with it! Visit Project R3D for more info on the Daedalus:

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First Prints from the Daedalus – HERE!

0:00 Intro to the Episode
0:32 Episode Breakdown
1:09 Project R3D Daedalus
2:32 Voroni Bowl
3:48 Really Big Bender!
5:08 Mythic Mug
6:31 Modern Christmas Tree
8:35 Upgrades to the Daedalus
10:27 Printed Solid Sir Layersalot
11:38 PERFECT Calibration Cube
12:23 Mini 3D Printed Speaker
13:26 Speaker Cap – LAST Printed Piece!
14:25 ONE MORE THING (CR-30 Print)

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