MyMiniFactory / Matterhackers 3D Printing Design Contest – Update on Rules and Dimensions / Q&A

The design challengeI’m hosting through MyMiniFactory with prizes from Matterhackers is underway! However, a few more questions popped up. I did my best to address them here in this video. I hope the Q&A model works well and you could read and hear everything! ——————————– Matterhackers supports what we […]

3D Printing Design Contest – Filament Spool Holder! Thanks to Matterhackers and MyMiniFactory!

For the design contest details, visit the link below: Matterhackers pro-series filaments can be seen here: Want to see the first Shelf Brackets Video? I’ve teamed up with Matterhackers and MyMiniFactory to give you the FIRST of what I hope is many design contests. The idea for […]


HUGE thanks to everyone that sends something in! If you’d like to send something my way, the address you can send to is at the bottom of the description! Had to REUPLOAD as the previous version had a problem in the video. Only choice was to re-render and reupload on […]

Practical 3D Printing Ideas: DIY Shelf Brackets! Filament Shelves!

Filament on the floor? NO! Using PLA, PETG, and NylonX I 3d printed and installed brackets for filament shelves! Do they work? Watch and find out! Get the bracket model and print for yourself! ——————————– Matterhackers for all your 3d printing needs! ——————————– MH BUILD series filaments (aff) : […]

The Easiest Fusion 360 Tutorial There Is! 3D Printing Tripod Feet Attachments with Pulse XE & NylonX

In a previous video, I design and 3d printed tripod leg extenders. Now, I needed a way to attach the tripod feet to the pvc pipe. EASY PEASY. Shopping list: MH BUILD PLA: Pulse XE: NyloneX: MatterControl 2.0 ——————————– Matterhackers supports what we do, so if […]

3D Printing a Spool Holder Using Paper Towel Cardboard Tubes

Paper towel cardboard tubes were a staple of my upbringing, and no doubt served a glorious purpose. NOW, a few years later, I find myself pondering the idea of using this timeless classic for a practical purpose. Can a paper towel cardboard tube support the weight of filament and be […]