Nerd Vlog 006 – Form Futura winner, TIE Advanced, Yoda, Retro Pop Box

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What DIDN’T I talk about in this video? Holy cow… I talked about:
– Simplify3D spiral mode, showed off a cool vase

– A penis, wait I mean, rainbow cloud pot o’ gold cookie cutter

– Cool claws from le FabShop

– Matterhackers Matter Control Touch review coming soon

– Retro Pop Box

– Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 by Landru

– 3D Printing Nerd logo by AwesomeA
href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

– Yoda Bowl contest – WIN IT!

– Yoda pencil holder by arch on Pinshape

– Dremel 3D Idea Builder

– Cubicity Filament and goodies

– Hellboy’s Good Samaritan gun contest

– Form Futura CarbonFil filament give-away WINNER ANNOUNCED!


Please watch: “Fan Mail Friday – On a Saturday!”

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