Winners of the MyMiniFactory Spool Holder Design Competition!

It’s time! I announce the winners of the MyMiniFactory spool holder design competition! Thanks to Matterhackers for providing the prizes! #3dprinting #MyMiniFactory #Matterhackers Follow Me on MyMiniFactory: Use coupon JOELROCKS for 5% off MyMiniFactory products & services $25 Matterhacker Gift Card Winner Announced by David William Hayden $75 […]

5 TIPS for Getting Started in Fusion 360

Garrett from Chaos Coretech models incredible things in Fusion 360. He is self taught, and has learned a great deal over the last few years. He has 5 tips for beginners who are getting started with Fusioin 360! Chaos Coretech: CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD series filaments […]

Practical 3D Printing in the Bathroom – Fixing a Cabinet Handle

The first 500 people to sign up via my link will get two FREE months of Skillshare Premium Using Fusion 360 and 3d printing to solve real world problems is ALWAYS a good idea – that’s PRACTICAL PRINTING – What if the real world dimensions are needed in Fusion […]


My 3d printed Daft Punk helmet has assumed it’s final form! The electronics are in, the padding is in, the programming is done! Using the Bluefruit app, I can make eyes appear, I can make HEART EYES appear, and scroll various texts across the visor. I AM READY FOR MAKER […]

Adafruit Neopixels & Arduino Bring My DAFT PUNK Helmet To Life!

Thanks to some Adafruit Neopixels and their Feather 32u4, my Daft Punk helmet LOOKS AWESOME! I learned enough Arduino to make my Neopixels work in a Neomatrix grid! #3dprinting#Adafruit #Arduino Adafruit Daft Punk helmet tutorial: Adafruit Feather 32u4: Twillio blog CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD […]


Thank to Mosaic, makers of the Palette 2, I’m going to World Maker Faire 2018! Before I land in New York, I’m stopping by the home of Chaos Coretech to visit Garrett and Chelsey! Fat Cat Fab Lab is back Thursday night, and the roof top party at the PARC […]

DIY Daft Punk: 3D Printing the Thomas Bangalter Iconic Helmet

I’ve ALWAYS wanted my own Daft Punk helmet. I have an army of 3d printers, and it was time I got experience finishing a print. So, I printed, sanded, primed, and painted THIS COOL DAFT PUNK HELMET! Next up, adding electronics from Adafruit! Here is the Adafruit tutorial, which also […]

WAS LIVE: Unboxing & Our First Look at Tiertime Cetus mk II 3D Printer

This printer arrived a while back, and I think it’s time we get it out of the box and printing! CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD series filaments (aff) : Matterhackers 3D Printers (aff) : Proto Pasta (aff): Prusa (aff): Puget Systems: Channel […]

3D Printing with Metal Composites and adding a Patina and Oxidation!

There are some good ways to get 3d printed models the way you want them. You can print with multiple types of filament and/or multiple colors, and you can sand, prime, and paint. HOWEVER, have you thought about adding a patina? #3dprinting #patina #oxidation Proto Pasta filaments: Iron: Brass: […]


In this Fan Mail Friday, I get sent some REALLY great stuff along with some incredible letters AND money for Seattle Childrens Hospital. Today, though, Snapple sent something and OH MY GOODNESS. If you want this carried in stores, TELL SNAPPLE: #3dprinting #snapple #joelbot CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: […]

3D Printing for Wavy Wednesday!

Wavy Wednesday for the 3d printing community is all about sharing wonderful wavy prints. Fernando Jerez is a designer that has created some crazy fun wavy models, and they are PERFECT for Wavy Wednesday! Fernando Jerez on MyMiniFactory #3dprinting #wavywednesday #highfive CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD series […]