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Anycubic Mega X First Impressions Non Review?

This isn’t a typical FIRST IMPRESSIONS video, I promise. Here are my first impressions of the Anycubic Mega X 3d printer. A large format, feature packed 3d printer – on paper. Does the real world testing match up? Anycubic Mega X From Anycubic: As discussed, a $25 Coupon off $399 for Mega X. code: […]


3D Printing Face Shields and YOU CAN TOO!

Healthcare workers supplies of masks and face shields is getting low, and some have none. Now 3d printing face shields is happening, and we can get 3d printed face shields to those that need them the most! Overhead Transparency Sheets I used #3dprinting #OpShieldsUp #BeAHelper 3DVerkstan Face Shield Model Prusa Research Face Shield […]


High Fives During Social Distancing

Social Distancing of Self Quarantine are the new reality. How can we still gift each other an epic high five? We can now, thanks to the FIVE GUARD! FIVE GUARD from Bugman_140 FROM THE EPISODE Proto Pasta HIGHFIVE Blue: Polymaker PolymaxPC: Raise3D E2: Nano Polymer Adhesive: You can support what […]


Fusion 360 is NOW a 3D Printing SLICER!

New in Fusion 360, slicing for 3d printing! Fusion 360 now allows you to slice and export gcode for the models you have created and designed! It’s very new, and I wanted to kick the tires and find out how it works. #3dprinting #fusion360 #3dprintingnerd LINKS FROM THE EPISODE: Printed Solid Jessie PLA Diabase […]



Will a 3d printed record player work? Mark Rhodes is visiting from Australia. He designed a 3d printable record player. I printed the parts, he brought the electronics. Let’s get this together and take it to a record shop to see if it really works! SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! #3dprinting #practicalprinting #markoftherhodes Mark of the Rhodes […]


3D Printing for Robotics and Electronics STEAM Connection Kits with DANIELLE BOYER!

Danielle Boyer uses 3d printing to help with her electronics and robotics kits to bring STEAM education to kids who might not otherwise be able to see it. Through her STEAM Connection outreach, she brings joy to kids with robots they build and electronic kits they assemble! Purchase STEAM T-Shirt: STEAM Connection: Danielle […]


Is it Smooth Enough? Testing Polysmooth with Polysher and Primer!

The Polysmooth filament from Polymaker can be smoothed with isopropyl alcohol in their Polysher machine. Does it smooth enough take paint? Here I give it a test and find out just how much models are smoothed. TRAVEL! March 27-29 April 3-5 April 21-23 Polymaker Polysmooth & Polysher: miniJoel model by WEKSTER […]


3D Printing from the Cloud with Raise3D

We walk through and test Raise Cloud – it’s cloud based print farm software. It’s FREE, and very soon it’ll work with non-Raise3D printers. I take you through the web based interface and give you a tour of what it can do, then David and Sean kick off some real-world 3d printing scenarios. #3dprinting #printfarm […]

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