First Look at the Ultimaker S5 3D Printer Thanks to Matterhackers

The Ultimaker S5 is the latest offering from Ultimaker. The S5 boasts all sorts of new improvements over it’s predecessors, including a larger build volume, larger smooth rods, an integrated power supply, filament sensors, a touch screen, and more! Just to state it again, this is not a review. The […]

Previewing the Matterhackers Pulse XE 3D Printer w/ NylonX filament

The Pulse 3d printer is a decent platform to build on, and Matterhackers customized one with a Bondtech extruder, Ruby nozzle, and Garolite removable bed to create the Pulse XE, a NylonX printing dream machine. Matterhackers Pulse XE Matterhackers Pulse 3D Maker Nobb Review of Pulse 3D Printer […]

3D Printing Spotlight: Print 3D Channel

Jeff of the Print 3D Channel is doing some awesome stuff, and 3d printing like a champ! He has a 365 project going, and is 90 days into releasing a 3d printing video EVERY DAY THIS YEAR. He’s also incredibly good with Cinema4D and models printable objects in that software. […]

3D Printing Spotlight: Unlikely Creators

The channel I would like to spotlight is Unlikely Creators. Logan is quite a good kid and produces some great content. His style is fresh and quirky, and I just love it! I hope you do as well. Subscribe to Unlikely Creators: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = […]