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Diabase Engineering H-Series 3D Printer / CNC Milling / Laser Scanning

Diabase Engineering announces their NEW H-SERIES machine! 5 material 3d printing, cnc milling, 4th & 5th axis milling, laser scanning, touch probe leveling. For more information on the H-SERIES machine: Visit Email I got to see this machine up close and see the amazing things it is able to do, and I VERY […]


Did a 3D Printer Kill a Berkeley Couple by Emitting Carbon Monoxide?

No, it didn’t. I’m tired of the lazy copy-and-paste media coverage when it concerns new technology. GoFundMe for Roger and Hanna: “Couple found dead in Berkeley home killed by carbon monoxide leaking from 3-D printer” by NY Daily News: “San Francisco couple and their two cats found dead after they were poisoned by […]


Can You Still Download Baby Groot For Free?

The popular Baby Groot 3d printable model was free, then free access was removed as it was going to be behind a pay wall. Is that right? Let’s talk about it. Baby Groot: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! == 3D Printing Nerd mug! == Printed Solid: == Matterhackers: […]


Did a 3D Printer Explode and Kill a 17 Year Old Boy?

The Telegraph tweeted a link to a story where they said a 3d printer explosion killed a 17 year old boy. Teenage boy killed in 3D printer explosion during school art project, inquest hears — Telegraph Breaking News (@TelegraphNews) November 3, 2016 The tweet links back to this story: I say it’s bunk. The headline […]

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