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Bacon Filament with Proto Pasta

Proto Pasta Bacon HTPLA filament! NO WAY! While visiting the Proto Pasta facility, Alex and I decided to try our hand at making bacon filament. Oh man, and did we! Watch how we did it! Win a roll using this link: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! == 3D Printing Nerd […]

3D Prints Custom Projects Timelapse Prints

Fuzzy Furry Vase by Daniel Noree

Daniel Noree is known for 3DBenchy and the OpenRC project. Now, one of his latest models is the Furry Vase – a model that tells the printer to bridge outward, then come back to create soft plastic loops that drape over the model. Quite neat! PRINT YOUR OWN FURRY VASE! Daniel Noree Youtube channel: […]

Custom Projects

Making a Custom Filament Spool Holder

In this video learn how I made a custom spool holder for filaments and how it helped with 3d printing on the Ultimaker. A few spare chunks of wood and a bolt is all you need to put together something that will work! Also, I know this video is a little different, but I needed […]

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