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GOLF BALL in a 3D Printed Marble Kaleidoscope?

Marble Kaleidoscope WITH GOLF BALLS? Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: Use Code “3DPRINTINGNERD” for 10% off your order The Marble Kaleidoscope is an amazing model to 3d print. HOWEVER, what if we made it bigger on the gMax 2.0, BIG ENOUGH FOR GOLF BALLS??? Yeah, let’s do this! Print One Yourself! Marble Machine “Kaleidoscope” […]

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Fixing the Lulzbot TAZ 6 Spool Holder

I love the @LulzBot TAZ6. It’s built well and prints well too! My ONE GRIPE is the spool holder – I think a new design would be better, so let’s try it out! Updated Overhead Spool Holder by Dereksunday Lulzbot TAZ6: Matterhackers RYNO: Raise3D E2: Dewalt 12″ Sliding Miter Saw: […]

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Can 3D Printed Scissors Cut Hair?

With 3d printed scissors, my wife gave me a haircut. It didn’t go well. 3D Printed Scissors on Thingiverse: #3dprinting #quarantinehaircut #highfive You can support what we do in many way! Buy me a coffee: Ko-fi: Patreon: Floatplane: Follow Sean Connelly on Patreon: Follow David Tobin on Instagram […]

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3D Printing My Friends?

Thor3D let me borrow the Calibry – a structured light 3d scanner. So, I set off with a goal: 3D Printing my friends. Did it work? Find out 🙂 Calibry scanner at Thor3D Prusa SL1 Einscan 3D Scanning (from 2016!) You can support what we do in many way! Buy me a […]

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Does the Bellus3D Scanning App Work? Testing on Prusa SL1

Bellus3D offers a FREE APP to scan your face, and export an STL that will help fit a mask better. I printed it on the Prusa SL1 resin 3d printer to see if it works – FREE Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini #3dprinting #facemask #bellus3d You can support what we do in many […]

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3D Printing My Apollo 11 Latch for Adam Savage Project Egress

Project Egress is here, and I’ve been asked to help, along with an amazing list of others! I’m responsible for a latch mechanism, and I’m 3d printing it! Soon, Adam Savage, Jen Schachter, and Andrew Barth will put it all together! Read more about Project Egress: Molding and Casting Tutorials by Punished Props: […]

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How I Make Custom Filament

The Palette+ from Mosaic can do wonderful things with the ends of your 3d printing filaments. Here, I use it to make some custom filament that prints easily and makes a super cool random pattern appear! Also, did you find them all? #3dprinting #prusa #3dprinter CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD series filaments (aff) […]

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3D Printing a Mario Kart Championship Trophy!

When I’m asked if I can 3d print a trophy for a Mario Kart contest at a friend’s workplace, I SAY YES! I used Fusion 360 to print a HUGE trophy on the Raise3D N2+ using Matterhackers MH BUILD PLA filament! Matterhackers MH BUILD filament Magigoo Raise3D N2 Plus / N2 / Pro2 […]

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