How I Make Custom Filament

The Palette+ from Mosaic can do wonderful things with the ends of your 3d printing filaments. Here, I use it to make some custom filament that prints easily and makes a super cool random pattern appear! Also, did you find them all? #3dprinting #prusa #3dprinter CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: […]

3D Printing a Mario Kart Championship Trophy!

When I’m asked if I can 3d print a trophy for a Mario Kart contest at a friend’s workplace, I SAY YES! I used Fusion 360 to print a HUGE trophy on the Raise3D N2+ using Matterhackers MH BUILD PLA filament! Matterhackers MH BUILD filament Magigoo Raise3D N2 […]

3D Printing ABS In The Cold! // Assembling and Testing a 3D Printer Enclosure

Perfect ABS prints are easier when you have a 3d printer enclosure, and in this video I unbox, install, and tested out the Printed Solid enclosure kit for the Ultimaker 2+, available from Matterhackers. Ultimaker 2+ Enclosure: Ultimaker 2 Extended + Enclosure: Ultimaker 3 Enclosure: Ultimaker 3 […]

How To Friction Weld 3D Printed Parts

I’ve seen some videos on this, and I wanted to give it a try myself. Friction welding is using heat generated by friction to weld parts together. Filament in a rotary tool spins fast enough to create enough heat to melt plastics together. It’s really cool, and you should try […]

3D Printing Candy

I had the opportunity to play with the KatJes Magic Candy Factory. It’s a 3d printer, manufactured by Printrbot, that 3d prints candy! To do this, it heats up a gummy candy mixture in what they calls a Zummie. The Zummie has the nozzle and a plunger, and the machine […]