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Rick and Morty Portal Gun

STAY UNTIL THE END! Rick and Morty are BACK for Season 3! What better way to celebrate than 3D Printing Rick’s Portal Gun! HUGE thanks to 3D Central for this awesome model! You can find it here on My Mini Factory: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == Find Me Socially = […]

3D Prints

Storm Trooper Helmet on the Zortrax M300

I was recently sent the Zortrax M300 to get some hands on time with it and show it off on the channel. It’s a BEAST of a machine, and this 88 hour Storm Trooper helmet was only my SECOND PRINT with the printer! Wearable Episode VII StormTrooper Helmet by Geoffro: Printed in Zortrax HIPS […]

3D Prints

World’s Largest Bullet Bill?

The Bullet Bill model on MyMiniFactory is INCREDIBLE and prints like a dream. Will it go bigger? Can we 3d print the world’s largest bullet bill? Let’s find out! Bullet Bill on MyMiniFactory by Forge 3D: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == Find Me Socially = Twitch: = Twitter: […]

3D Prints

3D Printing a Better Coin Sorter

Coin sorter machines are fun, and the last one I printed sucked. I found another on Thingiverse thanks to The JAT.MN, and it’s Eugene Pentland’s model. Let’s give it a try on the Prusa i3 mk2 in Rapunzel silver PLA. Yes, the thumbnail pays tribute to what everyone THOUGHT the other video was about 🙂 […]

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Pythagorean Cup and Win in your Lap

The Pythagorean cup is an interesting thing to read about, and now you can 3d print it! Pythagoras was known for his theorem, but, don’t forget, he had a cup that siphoned wine onto your lap! Read about it and the scientific principle here: Devious Pythagorean Cup by jsteuben Buy an Ultimaker 3 […]

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3D Printing a Proto Pasta Aromatic Pine Darth Vader Head

The low poly Darth Vader model from Flowalistik (Flowy McFlowFace) is awesome and I love it. I wanted a big version of Darth Vader’s head, and I had some awesome Proto Pasta filament to use! Technically Nerdy (2nd Channel!) Low-poly Darth Vader by Flowalistik: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == […]

3D Prints

Save the Pangolins for World Pangolin Day

The Pangolin is known as the scaly anteater, and is reaching extinction levels. People hunt them for their meat and scales, with some believing their scales have medicinal properties. World Pangolin Day is the day we try to raise awareness for this cute little creature. Pangolin model on Thingiverse: Save Pangolins dot org: Home […]

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