Full Time On Youtube – 6 Month Checkup

It’s been 6 months to the day since I went full time on YouTube. It’s been a fun ride for sure. At the beginning, I gave myself a 6 month runway. We had the savings to get me a solid 6 months, and with the sponsorship from Matterhackers, I was […]

Drain Your Silverware With an Elephant! 3D Printing a 3DGuyDubai Model!

Drying your cutlery is a difficult task, and thankfully, Tariq has a solution. AN ELEPHANT SIZED SOLUTION. We 3d print and test the Elephant CUTLERY DRYER from 3DGuyDubai 3DGuyDubai Twitter: https://twitter.com/3Dguydubai 3DGuyDubai Cutlery Dryer: https://gumroad.com/l/IUIfh Special thanks to our Timelapse Sponsor: Puget Systems! http://pugetsystems.com Magigoo: Thought3D : http://thought3d.com Matterhackers BUILD […]

Using 3D Printing to Repair My Pac-Man Night Light

My Pac-Man nightlight broke! Thanks to 3D Printing, I was able to repair it! I designed a new one in Fusion 360, then using Matterhackers MHBUILD PLA on the Ultimaker 2+, I made it real and tried it out! Did it work? YOU BET IT DID. ——————————– Matterhackers supports what […]

The Unfortunate Problem with the Creality CR-X 3D Printer

The Creality CR-X 3d printer has some new features that make it quite interesting to work with, especially the added second extruder for dual extruder capabilities. HOWEVER – the machine sadly lacks much quality control, and the machine I have is different than what was announced, and most likely different […]

Will It Break? Stress Testing 3D Printed Brackets IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!

Will it break? That’s what Bill and I asked ourselves when trying to see how much downward force these 3d printed brackets could take. Turns out, some took A LOT. Get more Punished Props Academy! http://punishedprops.com MH Build: http://3d.pn/mhbuild MH NylonX: http://3d.pn/nylonx MH Ryno: http://3d.pn/ryno Proto Pasta HTPLA: http://3d.pn/highfivebluemh Polyalchemy […]

Fan Mail Friday – Rylee Gets a Geeetech E180 / Joel Gets SNACKS!

The nice people at Geeetech sent an E180 over for Rylee to play with. How freaking cool of them? Ben of Hawk 3D Proto fame sent over a sweet-and-salty mix from Amazon. NOM. Tedder’s Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyygqe3nqbU ——————————– Matterhackers supports what we do, so if you need anything 3d printing related, […]

3D Printing Low Poly Dinosaurs AND THEN MELTING THINGS

I love low poly models, and I like dinosaurs! Now, two greats things in one series of models! 3D Printing the dinosaurs, talking about them, then using a heat gun to fix stringing AND MELT SOME THINGS. Joe from 3D Printing Professor has a kickstarter for these low poly models, […]