Month: December 2019


Top 5 of 2019 / 3D Printing Nerd Looking Back…

Our Top 5 picks for the end of 2019 AND the end of the decade! Sean’s Top 5: David’s Top “5”: Joel’s Top “5”: You can BUY ME A COFFEE You can SUPPORT VIA […]


Last Minute Christmas Prints 2019

Quick! You still have time! Here are some great last minute Christmas prints for you OR to give as gifts! #3dprinting #christmas #christmasprints baby yoda ears by Steve Abrams iDig3D Christmas tree by idig3d Baby Yoda with Soup Bowl by Inspyre 3D Christmas Coasters by Steven Quinn Fella Christmas Collection 2019 […]


Last Stream of 2019 – Let’s Give Away Prizes!

Polymaker and Printed Solid have offered up some AWESOME gifts for ME TO GIVE AWAY! Polymaker also has additional prizes to offer, and you can enter here: You can BUY ME A COFFEE You can SUPPORT VIA PATREON You can SUPPORT VIA YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIPS Shop at Amazon: Raise3D: […]


Practical Printing Fixes It Again! 3D Printing FTW!

I love practical printing, and 3d printing parts to fix things around the house is AWESOME. My tripod leg extensions never really worked right, and thanks to someone in the community, new ones were printed and WOW DO THEY WORK!! #3dprinting #practicalprinting Machine: Intamsys FUNMAT HT Enhanced Material: 3DXTech ASA Model: Tripod Leg […]

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