Month: September 2019


Fire Nerf Darts FAST – 3D Printing the Project FDL3 Blaster for ERRF!

Try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days by clicking here and then get 10% off Dashlane Premium if you decide to upgrade using my code 3DPRINTINGNERD #3dprinting #nerfmod #projectfdl Printed on Prusa i3 mk3 3d printers: Printed using Proto Pasta #highfive Blue filament Project FDL: ERRF: East Coast Rep Rap Festival: […]


The Artillery3D Sidewinder X1 3D Printer – A Must Have?

Evnovo / Artillery3D has the Sidewinder X1, a large format 3d printer that seems to tick all the right boxes. Great print quality, quiet, easy to setup and use, great support, great community – but, I had a problem… Artillery3D Sidewinder X1 at Amazon: at Aliexpress (click link, click Product, click 3D Printer): […]


Will Replacing the Bearings Fix This?

I believe the Matterhackers Pulse XE has bad bearings. A call to them and bearings were sent out. Here is how to replace your 3d printer bearings, and test whether that was the fix that was needed. Decoration Cube: Pulse XE from Matterhackers: Build Series PLA: #3dprinting #3dprinting101 #3dprinter CLICK THESE LINKS […]

Technically Nerdy

LOUD 3D Printed SIREN on Fan Mail Friday!

CLICK THESE LINKS Hit up the MAIN CHANNEL Puget Systems: Channel Merch Shop : You can show support while shopping at these retailers Amazon (US link) : Amazon (Canada link) : Amazon (UK link) : ——————————– Find Me Socially! ——————————– Twitch : Twitter : […]

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