Month: March 2019


FAILURE and the Furlingtech YAN

The Kodama Obsidian originally featured over 3 videos on this channel WOULD HAVE BEEN this – the Furlingtech YAN. Instead, Furlingtech released the machine, and Kodama is working towards releasing the Obsidian. Let’s review the little machine that would have been the Obsidian. Furlingtech YAN on Banggood: CLICK THESE LINKS We have a SECOND […]


NO MORE JAMS on the Prusa i3 mk3 3D Printer!

Print WAY easier with your Prusa! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring – use for 10% off first purchase! The heat break in the Prusa i3 mk3 has a 2mm bore from one side, and a 2.2mm bore from the other side. This causes certain filaments, such as HTPLA from Proto Pasta, to jam at […]


3D Printing Trick for Stronger Vase Mode Prints

Here I show you how to use overextrusion to make a more sturdy garbage can on the SeeMeCNC Artemis. Then, if you don’t want to use rigid plastic, I show you how to print flexible filament on the Artemis! Stepped Bin from Make Anything: Stronghero3D Rainbow Filament: SeeMeCNC Artemis 300: CLICK THESE […]


What Are Helical Meshing Gears?

MAKE IT with Squarespace: Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this episode! These Helical Meshing Gear cups are awesome, and no doubt I had too much fun making this episode. I hope you’ll give this model a shot and see how it turns out for you! Helical Gear Cups by AdditiveTech Helical Cage Gear […]



I’m giving away my personal gCreate gMax 1.5XT+ at the Midwest RepRap Festival in Goshen, Indian on March 29, 30, 31! I’m really excited to be there! MRRF 2018 Video: Ready Printer One – James on Patreon: White Knight 3D Printer by NAK 3D Designs: #MRRF2019 #gMax #3dprinting CLICK THESE LINKS We […]


3D Printing Makerbox Samples from Atomic, Proto Pasta, Aprintapro, and Filoalfa

I recently visited Printed Solid and found out how the Makerbox is made. I got to curate a box, and now, I finally get to open MY box and find out what’s inside the #makerbox! Link for Filoalfa: Other filaments found at: 25% off your first month of Makerbox! CODE: 3DPN CLICK […]

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