We 3D Printed the Power Rangers Blaster!

Editor Sean is a HUGE Power Rangers fan. HUGE. While he was in Seattle, after an evening of pizza and rum, we decided to 3d print the Power Rangers blaster. How did it go? I’d say it went well 🙂 #3dprinting #powerrangers #redranger From the Video: Prusa i3 mk3 – http://3d.pn/prusa Stronghero3D – http://3d.pn/stronghero3d CLICK […]


3 Finishing Tips and Tricks featuring Punished Props

Fixed audio here: https://youtu.be/x8-PaMkBxbA I hung out with Bill Doran of Punished Props Academy and learned 3 cool ways I can further finish my 3d prints! #3dprinting #cosplay #punishedprops Head over to http://punishedprops.com to learn a LOT more about what you see in this video! CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: http://thought3d.com Matterhackers BUILD series filaments (aff) […]


3D Printed Scooter Wheels – Will It Scoot?

Scooters are HUGE right now! Everyone with their scooter tricks, pro scooter gear, even hugely popular scooter channels! My son asked if I could 3d print a scooter wheel for him. Are they the fastest scooter wheels? The lightest scooter wheels? The best scooter wheels? I don’t know, LETS FIND OUT! #3dprinting #3dprinted #scooter CLICK […]

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