My Longest 3D Print Ever! 3D Printing HUGE Space City!

This is one of the #monstrocities models from Fernando Jerez. #3dprinting this is incredibly fun because you can print it TINY or you can print it HUGE! #seanisawesome Monstrocities by Fernando Jerez: CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD series filaments (aff) : Matterhackers 3D Printers (aff) : […]

Fan Mail Friday ON A FRIDAY!

FAN MAIL FRIDAY! Links from the episode: Ben Golko: 3D Matter Makers: Spool Holder: CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Puget Systems: Matterhackers BUILD series filaments (aff) : Matterhackers 3D Printers (aff) : Proto Pasta (aff): Prusa (aff): Channel Merch Shop : […]

Shipwreck! 3D Printing and Testing a Shipwreck Dice Tower

Dice towers come in many shapes, sizes, and flavor, however THIS shipwreck dice tower STILL blew my mind! It’s HUGE, and it works! I ran into a few problems along the way, but I think it still came together nice. shipwreck dice tower: first dice tower: Shopping List: […]

Full Time On Youtube – 6 Month Checkup

It’s been 6 months to the day since I went full time on YouTube. It’s been a fun ride for sure. At the beginning, I gave myself a 6 month runway. We had the savings to get me a solid 6 months, and with the sponsorship from Matterhackers, I was […]

Drain Your Silverware With an Elephant! 3D Printing a 3DGuyDubai Model!

Drying your cutlery is a difficult task, and thankfully, Tariq has a solution. AN ELEPHANT SIZED SOLUTION. We 3d print and test the Elephant CUTLERY DRYER from 3DGuyDubai 3DGuyDubai Twitter: 3DGuyDubai Cutlery Dryer: Special thanks to our Timelapse Sponsor: Puget Systems! Magigoo: Thought3D : Matterhackers BUILD […]