In this Fan Mail Friday, I get sent some REALLY great stuff along with some incredible letters AND money for Seattle Childrens Hospital. Today, though, Snapple sent something and OH MY GOODNESS. If you want this carried in stores, TELL SNAPPLE: #3dprinting #snapple #joelbot CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: […]

3D Printing for Wavy Wednesday!

Wavy Wednesday for the 3d printing community is all about sharing wonderful wavy prints. Fernando Jerez is a designer that has created some crazy fun wavy models, and they are PERFECT for Wavy Wednesday! Fernando Jerez on MyMiniFactory #3dprinting #wavywednesday #highfive CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers BUILD series […]

3D Printing a Trash Walker – The Trashcan Never Looked So Good

Fernando Jerez isn’t just large cities, he also has A TRASH WALKER. Imagine if someone from the Star Wars universe designed a trashcan. THIS IS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE. Trash Walker by Fernando Jerez #3dprinting #trashwalker #protopasta FROM THE VIDEO SeeMeCNC Artemis: Prusa i3 mk3: Raise3D N2+: […]

Unboxing & Setup of the Furlingtech YAN 3D Printer

Help support 3D Printing Nerd! Furlingtech was kind enough to send a YAN printer my way to use on the channel. Tonight my wife and I get it out of the box and see if we cannot get it printing! #3dprinting #furlingtech #yan CLICK THESE LINKS Magigoo: Matterhackers […]

3D Printing 101: How To Fix a Clogged Nozzle Using a Cold Pull!

Clearing a jam in the nozzle can be an easy fix. Using nylon filament and a few minutes of your time, you can clear the debris within your nozzle that causes inconsistent extrusions and failed prints! Ultimaker 2 and 2+ 3d printer custom face plate by A Pyro Design: […]