Month: July 2018


Will It Break? Stress Testing 3D Printed Brackets IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!

Will it break? That’s what Bill and I asked ourselves when trying to see how much downward force these 3d printed brackets could take. Turns out, some took A LOT. Get more Punished Props Academy! MH Build: MH NylonX: MH Ryno: Proto Pasta HTPLA: Polyalchemy Elixir: Get a Crane […]


3D Printing Low Poly Dinosaurs AND THEN MELTING THINGS

I love low poly models, and I like dinosaurs! Now, two greats things in one series of models! 3D Printing the dinosaurs, talking about them, then using a heat gun to fix stringing AND MELT SOME THINGS. Joe from 3D Printing Professor has a kickstarter for these low poly models, here is the link: […]


Creality CR-X Unboxing & Setup! Will You Be 3D Printing With This New Printer? (Was Live)

Help support 3D Printing Nerd! Live unboxing & setup of the Creality CR-X! You probably saw Angus at Maker’s Muse get his going, now it’s my turn! Will mine be the same as his? Let’s find out together! ——————————– Matterhackers supports what we do, so if you need anything 3d printing related, use the […]


MyMiniFactory / Matterhackers 3D Printing Design Contest – Update on Rules and Dimensions / Q&A

The design challengeI’m hosting through MyMiniFactory with prizes from Matterhackers is underway! However, a few more questions popped up. I did my best to address them here in this video. I hope the Q&A model works well and you could read and hear everything! ——————————– Matterhackers supports what we do, so if you need […]


3D Printing Design Contest – Filament Spool Holder! Thanks to Matterhackers and MyMiniFactory!

For the design contest details, visit the link below: Matterhackers pro-series filaments can be seen here: Want to see the first Shelf Brackets Video? I’ve teamed up with Matterhackers and MyMiniFactory to give you the FIRST of what I hope is many design contests. The idea for my first contest is simple […]

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