Before you ask – I don’t think Alec finished the article is promised 🙂 Tweet at him @AlecRichter3D

While down at the Matterhackers / Ultimaker meet-up, I had some questions about resin print finishing, and Alec said we could do a walk-through on how he finishes prints from the Moai.

Peopol Moai from Matterhackers (aff):

I did have a decent idea on what to do, but I didn’t know an ultrasonic cleaner would help so much, I didn’t know the gloves should be nitrile, and I didn’t know clipping supports BEFORE curing was a good way to do it! Learning is fun!

Also, while this information and process may be remedial to some, it’s going to be new to others. So, if this video isn’t for you, I won’t be offended if you do not watch it. HOWEVER, I think it’s only fair you leave a comment with your best dad joke. 🙂

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