Printing Robots! #3dprinting the Fab 365 Foldable Robot!

The Fab 365 team has an awesome foldable robot model, and I knew I *had* to print it! folding robot at fab 365 https://fab365.net/items/112 3d maker noob robot video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saihMEp0PUY Buy Matterhackers MH Build PLA http://3d.pn/mhbuild Buy a Raise3D printer http://3d.pn/raise3d Buy an Ultimaker 3 http://3d.pn/um3 Buy a Mosaic Palette+ http://3d.pn/palette Buy some Magigoo http://3d.pn/magigoo […]


#3DMSBounty Results! Selfies with Dave during 3D Meetup Sweden Raised Money for Seattle Childrens!

We raised $140 for Seattle Childrens hospital thanks to people getting selfies with Dave from Matterhackers at 3D Meetup Sweden! Here is all the people that help! @3Dprintingstuff @3dmakernoob @TheOlssonRuby @Sound_In_Focus @Trinamic_MC @AntonMnsson @77bergkamp19 @mattiaskristian @DanielNoree @choschiba @Clare3D @toms3dp @tev66 @MichaWerth @KruseMarkus @E3DOnline @ConnyYngve @Plizzo @3DMeetupSweden @E3printable @tellblom @erikcederb @JoakimLindh1 @sswede82 @DrPryl @EmmelieRylander @BLBINDUSTRIES @pokon_nurdspace […]

3D Printers Reviews

Form 2 SLA 3D Printer Review – Yes I Printed Pickle Rick

Formlabs has the Form 2, an SLA based 3d printer capable or printing with immaculate detail. Bill from Punished Props Academy helps me review this machine and tackle whether the high price tag is justified. Formlabs Form 2: http://formlabs.com Punished Props Academy: Front Page – 2016 ==== I use MatterHackers for everything 3D printing, and […]


Fan Mail Friday – A Redbull IN A Red Bull!

Big thanks to my helper, Rylee! Links for Forrest Ross: Low Poly Red Bull Holder: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-esso-red-bull-low-poly-red-bull-56275 Red Bull Stein: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-esso-250ml-stein-56279 Red Bull Belt Attachment: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-esso-250ml-belt-attachment-56690 ==== I use MatterHackers for everything 3D printing, and they even help support my channel – you can too by shopping the links below: ++ MH BUILD series filaments: http://3d.pn/mhbuild […]


Inspired by Bob at I Like To Make Stuff and Evan & Katelyn // 3d printing & lasers

Inspiration strikes at the most random of times. Evan & Katelyn are releasing a collab video with Bob at I Like To Make Stuff. An Instagram post teased the video, and it’s where the hashtag #boogermaster was born. The Instagram Post https://www.instagram.com/p/BhZ-nXqA3F0/ Evan & Katelyn https://www.youtube.com/user/EvanAndKatelyn I Like To Make Stuff https://www.youtube.com/user/iliketomakestuffcom ==== I use […]

3D Prints

This Egg Broke My 3D Printer – It’s Maker’s Muse Fault! #DestroyerOfWorlds

Angus, from Maker’s Muse, is a 3d printer destroyer, and he takes great joy in hearing when his diabolical creations lead a machine to it’s untimely doom. This EGG he made is a bit of a torture test for machines to print well, or in my case, to print at all. Did I finally get […]

3D Printing Nerd Uncategorized Worlds Largest OpenRC F1

Worlds Largest OpenRC F1 Car – Phase 3 // Assembling the Parts with Daniel Noree #MRRF2018 #OPENRCF1

Phase 3 is here, and that means I am putting all the pieces together! Who better than to help you assemble it than the father of the OpenRC project – Daniel Noree! Assembly started at home, but finished at MRRF 🙂 Go get some Matterhackers Pro Flex! http://3d.pn/mhpro ==== I use MatterHackers for everything 3D […]

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