Month: February 2018

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How To Make Your Own Keychains Using 3D Printing // After Effects, Fusion 360, Prusa, Matterhackers

After Effects is celebrating 25 years this year, and I wanted to do something special for my old coworkers. I used Fusion 360, a Prusa MMU, and some Matterhackers filament to get the job done! Buy MH BUILD series filaments: Buy MH PRO series filaments: Buy Prusa MMU: ==== I use MatterHackers […]

3D Prints Reviews Unboxings

Preview of the Peopoly Moai SLA Resin 3D Printer at Matterhackers

Moai Fully Assembled: Moai Kit: Peopoly Resins: The Peopoly Moai SLA 3d printer boasts quite a lot of great features and abilities at a cost far less than others in the market. From what I can tell, it’s able to produce models at a level of details as good as, if not […]

3D Printers Reviews

Formbot TREX2+ 3D Printer Review / Dual Independent Extruders at gMax Build Sizes, Is It Worth It?

The Formbot TREX2+ is an interesting 3d printer. Dual independent extruders on a very large i3 frame. It boasts a lot of features for the price, with upgrades a plenty. Does it deliver? Does the Formbot TREX2+ deserve to sit on your desk? Watch and find out 🙂 Buy a Formbot TREX2+: ==== I […]


Previewing the BCN3D SigmaX 3D Printer at Matterhackers, Duplication, Mirroring, Bondtech!

Find the BCN3D SigmaX at Matterhackers While visiting Matterhackers I had the opportunity to play with the new BCN3D SigmaX 3d printer. It’s a formidable beast of a machine, with it’s double-width build plate, Bondtech extruders, and some great software features such as duplication mode and mirror mode. PLUS, right before this, Dave took […]

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