Month: November 2017


CR-10 3D Printer Giveaway Winners Announced!

Announcing the 3 winners for the Cr-10 3d printers thanks to Gearbest! Skip to the 3 minute mark if you want to skip me talking. Winners also listed here: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == Donations via Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin are ALWAYS appreciated Bitcoin: 1L4D7HZ198DHfYyfcKim11cPV1pSvkBzQA Ethereum: 0x87a3f850c2Bf20D929303200f53aAb8d8d7E2279 Litecoin: LeMZvR4WUCngynZ4D8h2BDUQdqS1GdBwK2 […]

Custom Projects Tutorials

3D Printing Candy Cane Maker Coin – the Maker’s Muse Fusion 360 Tutorial Next Logical Step

Angus at Maker’s Muse put out a FANTASTIC candy cane tutorial using Fusion 360 and the Sweep function in the Patch workspace. It’s brilliant, and I built upon that to then sweep through a pre-existing model – MY MAKER COIN! Maker’s Muse: 3D Printed Candy Cane! How to use Sweeps in Fusion 360: CAD For […]


3D Printing Swords from Thor Ragnarok Using 3DWorkbench Models Ultimaker Prusa Proto-Pasta

Juri (@3dworkbench) modeled swords that Thor uses in Thor Ragnarok. They are 100% 3d printed, and awesome. Using Prusa i3 mk2s, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 3, Proto Pasta, and Polyalchemy! 3DWorkbench on Patreon: Get yourself a Prusa i3 mk2s / multi material / mk3 3d printer! Super Glue!: (BSI – Bob Smith Industries […]

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