Month: September 2017


New World Record? 3D Printed BFG 9000 Gun from Doom / Maker Faire New York #MFNY17 Midnight Giant

Michael and Adam of Midnight Giant DID NOT disappoint at Maker Faire New York 2017. A fully 3d printed BFG weighing in at 37 pounds, BEATING THE WORLD RECORD. It’s insane and awesome. Follow Midnight Giant on Twitter: Model by Kirby Downey at MyMiniFactory: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == […]


Chatting with Tech-Nic-Allie (RobotMakerGirl) at Maker Faire New York #MFNY17

Allie, better known as Tech-Nic-Allie, or RobotMakerGirl on Twitter, is a young inventor and source of inspiration for many! I had the chance to speak with her for a few minutes in between her appearances and panels! Tech-Nic-Allie on YouTube: Tech-Nic-Allie on Twitter: == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == Cool […]


Fan Mail Friday – Beth Did The Thumbnail

== Support the Channel via Patreon! = == Cool New T-Shirts! = == Find Me Socially = Twitch: = Twitter: = Facebook: = Instagram: == Shop at the Affiliate Links Below to Help the Channel! = Printed Solid: = Matterhackers: = Amazon US: = Amazon Canada: […]


Unboxing My Silver Play Button for YouTube 100k Subs!

Right before I left for Maker Faire New York, the kids and I unboxed my SIlver Play Button! THANK YOU for everyone that has made this possible! == Support the Channel via Patreon! = == Cool New T-Shirts! = == Find Me Socially = Twitch: = Twitter: = Facebook: = […]


Maker Faire New York 2017 #MFNY17 #3dprinting w/ SeeMeCNC Matterhackers Ultimaker Inventables

Maker Faire New York 27 is almost here! I’m headed that way, and here is what you can find me: Caleb Kraft high five glove Panel: Making On YouTube 2 – 2:45pm at Zone 1 in NYSCI Auditorium – Center Stage Moderated by Caleb Kraft, senior editor at MAKE: Magazine Bob Clagett Becky […]


Toybox Labs Indiegogo 3D Printer First Look

Toybox Labs is attempting to bring to market the Toybox 3d printer. It’s a customized Createbox Super Mini with a companion iOS / Android app AND substantial curated server component. In this episode, we give this printer a first look. $199 at this link: Toybox 3D Printer on Indiegogo: == Support the Channel […]


Giving Away the Creality CR-10 at Portland Mini Maker Faire with Barnacules!

Heading to Portland Mini Maker Faire with Barnacules! September 16 and 17! Giving away a Creality CR-10 while I’m there! Gearbest is chipping in two other printers to give away! Portland Mini Maker Faire: CR-10 via Gearbest: Anet A8 via Gearbest: Tevo Tarantula via Gearbest: == Support the Channel via Patreon! […]

Technically Nerdy

Survival and Camping Gear Review: The SlideBelt

We welcome David to Technically Nerdy with his first report on the SlideBelt and how it holds up. It’s pretty much the first evolution of Batman’s Utility Belt. Check out the review and leave your comments below Get your own Slide Belt: Find me on social media: David Tobin Music in this […]


3D Printing Raze-Lighter Destiny Sword using TEVO Little Monster Delta 3D Printer

Destiny 2 is out, and I went old school and 3d printed the Raze-Lighter Exotic sword from the original game, designed by my friend Kirby Downey. I wanted to print the sword to test the speed capabilities of the TEVO Little Monster! Print one for yourself: Camera that did the slowmo: Sony RX100V: […]

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