Fan Mail Friday – ON A FRIDAY!

That’s right, it’s Fan Mail Friday, on an actual Friday! I open some pretty awesome mail from some epic people. Plus, STICKERS! Hungry Bender! High Fives! #awesome Affiliate Links: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! == Printed Solid: == Matterhackers: == Amazon US: == […]

3D Printing: Fractal Pyramid on gMax 1.5XT+ using Proto Pasta PLA

One more 3d print of the Fractal Pyramid from Thingiverse! This time, it’s in Proto Pasta pine PLA on the gMax 1.5XT+ 3d printer. I sized one at 400% scale, and the other at 600% scale. Also, don’t forget, before September 1st, leave a comment down below telling me, in […]

3D Printing: Sonicare Toothbrush Holder from Thingiverse

Everyone always asks me to print something useful – so I did! I found a need and solved a problem with 3d printing. YES. The Sonicare toothbrush holder is on Thingiverse (link below), and I printed it on my gMax 1.5XT+ 3d printer using Proto-Pasta Aromatic Pine PLA. Sonicare Head […]

3D Printing: Taco Truck on the Zortrax m200 3D Printer

I 3d printed a taco truck on my Zortrax m200. Oh yes, absolutely! A user in the 3D Printing group on Facebook found a taco truck on a website, and decided to model one himself. We joked about me printing it, then Zortrax sent a bunch of filament. So, I […]

3D Printing: Ultimaker Bob-Omb (Mario)

I loaded Matterhackers PRO PLA into my Ultimaker 2+ and 3d printed the Bob-Omb that Chaos CoreTech modeled. I love it, and wanted to see how well the Ultimaker would print it at sub-.2mm layer heights. Plus, how well would Matterhackers PRO PLA perform? Want to buy an Ultimaker? Here […]

Fan Mail Friday 015 – On a Saturday!

Once again it’s time for another Fan Mail Friday – this time, on a Saturday! I got lots of mail in again! You guys are too awesome! If you want to send me something cool, here is the address where I can receive things: attn: 3D Printing Nerd 509 NE […]

3D Printing: Raise3D N2+ 24 Inch Rocket

I wanted to print a BIG rocket on my Raise3D N2+ 3d printer. I brought the model into ideaMaker and maxed the size. It’s HUGE! 24″ tall! I also show of the Chaos CoreTech Bob-Omb and Robber Rex RAWR! Affiliate Links: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! […]

3D Printer: Raise3D N2+ Update

The unboxing of the Raise3D N2+ 3d printer left me, and most of you, wanting more. I’ve got the printer printing, and just a small issue to work out before I can consider it ready to go for long prints. Here I update you on the printer, address the build […]

3D Printer: Raise3D N2+ Unboxing and First Use

The Raise3D printers are quite a sight to be seen, and the N2+ is easily the biggest enclosed 3D printer I’ve ever unboxed and used. The box comes on it’s own pallet. Crazytown. In this video I unbox the printer and attempt to put it through it’s first use. What […]

3DGence ONE #3DPrinter Review

In this episode I review the 3DGence ONE 3d printer, provided by Preet at DesignBox3D. This 3d printer is an amazing machine and built incredibly well. The quick change nozzle system and the ceramic build plate are unique features, but are they enough to make me tell you to buy […]