Fan Mail Friday 014

It’s time again for another edition of Fan Mail Friday! I’m back from being out of town and I have some awesome things sent to me from some AWESOME people! Plus, holy cow I got a super surprise from Sushiboy! Affiliate Links: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! […]

3D Printing: 30K Winner! plus Matterhackers, Magic Candy Factory, #NerdHQ

I’m back after a week away. I visited Matterhackers and hung out with many during a meetup. I also volunteered at The Nerd Machine’s NerdHQ to benefit Operation Smile. While there, I saw the Magic Candy Factory! SO COOL! WIN A 3D PRINTER! Social Links: == == […]

3D Printing: Katjes Magic Candy Factory at #NerdHQ

At NerdHQ outside of San Diego Comic Con, I had the chance to talk to Melissa about the Katjes Magic Candy Factory. That’s right, it’s a candy printer! I’m going to hopefully get one to use and talk about on the channel. Keep your fingers crossed! I know this isn’t […]

3D Printing: Lucy Spaceship from SyFy Killjoys

I 3d printed the Lucy model from the SyFy show Killjoys, and I needed to glue it together. Thankfully, my friend Christine was in town, and she helped me out with the assembly! Oh, AND BEER. Killjoys – Lucy from SyFy on Thingiverse: My Nerd Friend Christine: WIN […]

Nerd Vlog 013 – Matterhackers, NerdHQ, New Printers!

I have some awesome travel coming up, plus, new printers arrived! First, I’ll be at Matterhackers on July 19th for a fun meet up, then I’ll be at NerdHQ during San Diego Comic Con July 21-24. Lastly, I talk about the 3DGence ONE, Fabrikator Mini, TEVO Tarantula, and the Raise3D […]

Fan Mail Friday 013

In this edition of Fan Mail Friday, I open up some REALLY cool mail sent to me, and talk about why it has been a while. Plus, I update you on my schedule going forward. EXCELSIOR. Subscribe! Win a MASSIVE 3D PRINTING PRIZE POOL! Jay Garrick Helmet on […]

Win This Massive 3D Printing Prize Pool

My channel has passed 30,000 subscribers, and to celebrate, I’m having a giveaway! Prizes from BuildTak, Printed Solid, Matterhackers, Tevo Printers, and SeeMeCNC! To enter, visit the link below: Affiliate Links: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! == Printed Solid: == Matterhackers: == Amazon […]

Unboxing the Cubicon Style 3D Printer and Getting the First Print

Unboxing the Cubicon Style 3d printer, while drinking a Red Bull. Of course! I unbox the printer, load the filament, and 3d print a test file from the sdcard! Oh, all while drinking a Red Bull late at night 🙂 Subscribe! Technically Nerdy: Affiliate Links: == Patreon: […]

3D Printing: Bald Eagle Fail … Again

Subscribe! Technically Nerdy: It just would NOT come off the build plate! I printed the Bald Eagle from MakePrintable again, and I tried a few of the suggestions to get it off my build plate. Yeah… Affiliate Links: == Patreon: == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! == […]

3D Printing: Pac-Man Ghost

Classic video games are awesome, and I love me some Pac-Man! I’ve always wanted my own Pac-Man Ghost, so I 3d printed one! Now satisfied, I printed an even bigger one! Subscribe! Technically Nerdy: PacMan Ghost by Hatch on Thingiverse: Affiliate Links: == Patreon: == 3D […]

Streaming with Maker’s Muse

Angus and I have a few minutes to kill, so let’s stream! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Fan Mail Friday – On a Saturday!” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-