Month: June 2016


Nerd Vlog 012 – Printers, printers, and more printers!

Subscribe! Win a 3d printer: NERD VLOG! I talk about some of the printers I have and show what will be featured on the channel soon. Plus, CONTEST! Click that contest link above to enter to win a 3d printer from 3D Printer Chat! 3DGence ONE from Designbox3D: Ultimaker from Matterhackers: […]


3D Printing: BuildTak at Maker Faire 2016

Subscribe! Thanks to Matterhackers, I was able to attend Maker Faire Bay Area 2016, and because of that, I was able to stop by the BuildTak booth and have a chat PLUS see their new build surface AND find out what the spatula is thicker at the edges than I thought it would be. […]


When should you upgrade the nozzle in your 3d printer?

I’ve heard a lot of different reasons from a lot of different people on why brass nozzles wear down and what the best ways are to keep that from happening. In this video, I detail what I know, and I invite corrections to any information I may have incorrect. E3D Hardened Nozzles: Micro-Swiss Plated […]


Larger Than Life Slime Rancher! Rock Slime from Chaos Coretech 3D Printing HUGE on gMax 3D Printer

Angus at Maker’s Muse made me aware of these awesome Slime Rancher slimes that Garrett over at Chaos CoreTech modeled. They are super cute, and I needed to print them. Of course, I had to gmax-size it! From the video === ChaosCoreTech: Maker’s Muse: Buy a Lulzbot Mini: Affiliate Links === == […]


3D Printer: SeeMeCNC Orion 3D Printer Review

If you’ve ever wondered what I thought of the SeeMeCNC Orion delta 3d printer, you’re in luck! This is my official review of the printer. What did I like? What don’t I like? Watch and find out! Buy a SeeMeCNC Printer: Rostock MAX V2: Rostock MAX V2 kit: Orion: Eris: Affiliate […]


Fan Mail Friday 012

I’m back! Fan Mail Friday is back! In this episode, I get some awesome new filaments (including Polysmooth!) AND some pepper and soap! Plus, an astronaut on money – NO WAY. Regarding Dylan’s Indiegogo campaign, I decided not to put the link here. I like the idea of what Dylan wants to do, but, he […]

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