3D Printing Tracer’s Gun from the Video Game Overwatch!

Overwatch! This game is cool, and I think the Tracer character has some pretty cool guns! I found Simone Fontana’s model of her weapon, and 3d printed it. It turned out to be a bit small, so I printed another at 125% scale and tested it out! Mentioned Barnacules and […]

3D Printing: Ultimaker 2+ Unboxing and First Use

My Ultimaker 2+ arrived, and before I could use it, I would have to remove it from the box. In this video, I took it out of the box and used it for the first time. It’s a decent machine, and I’m looking forward to having it in my arsenal. […]

Nerd Vlog 012 – Printers, printers, and more printers!

Subscribe! http://3d.pn/youtube Win a 3d printer: https://gleam.io/5xcKS/one-free-3d-printer-every-three-months NERD VLOG! I talk about some of the printers I have and show what will be featured on the channel soon. Plus, CONTEST! Click that contest link above to enter to win a 3d printer from 3D Printer Chat! 3DGence ONE from Designbox3D: […]

3D Printing: BuildTak at Maker Faire 2016

Subscribe! http://3d.pn/youtube Thanks to Matterhackers, I was able to attend Maker Faire Bay Area 2016, and because of that, I was able to stop by the BuildTak booth and have a chat PLUS see their new build surface AND find out what the spatula is thicker at the edges than […]

When should you upgrade the nozzle in your 3d printer?

I’ve heard a lot of different reasons from a lot of different people on why brass nozzles wear down and what the best ways are to keep that from happening. In this video, I detail what I know, and I invite corrections to any information I may have incorrect. E3D […]

3D Printer: SeeMeCNC Orion 3D Printer Review

If you’ve ever wondered what I thought of the SeeMeCNC Orion delta 3d printer, you’re in luck! This is my official review of the printer. What did I like? What don’t I like? Watch and find out! Buy a SeeMeCNC Printer: Rostock MAX V2: http://3d.pn/rostock Rostock MAX V2 kit: http://3d.pn/rostockkit […]

3D Printing Fail: SeeMeCNC Part Daddy Failed Print

Part Daddy is the 18 foot tall delta printer from SeeMeCNC, and you can see it if you go to Maker Faire or MWRRF. The prints is makes are HUGE, and I’m one of very few people to now possess one of the prints from the machine! Affiliate Links: == […]

Fan Mail Friday 012

I’m back! Fan Mail Friday is back! In this episode, I get some awesome new filaments (including Polysmooth!) AND some pepper and soap! Plus, an astronaut on money – NO WAY. Regarding Dylan’s Indiegogo campaign, I decided not to put the link here. I like the idea of what Dylan […]

3D Printing: Formlabs at Maker Faire 2016

Subscribe! http://3d.pn/youtube Thanks to Matterhackers, I was able to attend Maker Faire Bay Area 2016, and because of that, I was able to stop by the Formlab booth and have a chat PLUS see this INCREDIBLE lightsaber designed and printed by Tested.com’s Sean Charlesworth! == Patreon: http://3d.pn/patreon == 3D Printing […]

3D Printing: E-nabling The Future at Maker Faire 2016

Thanks to Matterhackers, I was able to attend the Bay Area Maker Faire and have a chat with quite a few of the exhibitors – including the E-Nabling The Future organization. I learned a lot about what they do and why they are doing it. Plus, I learned what they […]

XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0 3D Printer Non-Review

Unfortunately, my first experience with an XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0 3d printer wasn’t a good experience. Plus, in my opinion, it suffered failures way before it made it’s way to my house. Affiliate Links: == Patreon: http://3d.pn/patreon == 3D Printing Nerd shirt! http://3d.pn/shirt == Printed Solid: http://3d.pn/printedsolid == Matterhackers: http://3d.pn/matterhackers […]