Nerd Vlog 010 – Audience Questions Answers

It’s time for another episode of my Nerd Vlog. In this Nerd Vlog, I answer YOUR questions and responded to YOUR comments! We cover: – New cool illustrations thanks to Mike at – Nerd shirts and 3D Printing Nerd shirts from – Why am I leaving in Groundhog […]

Review: BuildTak Spatula

BuildTak sent one of their spatulas to me, and it is fantastic. It’s one of the best tools you can buy to help save your 3d prints. Buy the BuildTak Spatula on Amazon and help the channel: ▼ HOLY COW BUY A 3D PRINTING NERD SHIRT! ▼ ▼ […]

3D Printing a Big Bank Bender from Futurama

I’m a BIG fan of Futurama, and I love 3d printing, so I combined the two and 3d printed a HUGE Bender head! Why stop at one when I can print THREE! ▼ HOLY COW BUY A 3D PRINTING NERD SHIRT! ▼ ▼ Would you like to support my […]

10K Winner Announcement + #JoelTalksTooMuch

Wow, the winner of the 10k subscribers contest is here in this video! I know the video is long, and I know I talk a LOT, but, I had to say thanks. What you guys have shown to me is amazing, and only fuels my passion to keep doing what […]

3D Printing: Wombot Exilis 3D Printer Review

FINALLY, my thoughts on the Wombot Exilis 3d printer from Aurarum in Australia. I attempt a typical machine reviews – where leave the technicaly details to your Google-Fu, and instead tell you what I personally like and don’t like about the printer. Watch the video to see what I think! […]

DO NOT PURCHASE from Makergeeks and Read The Description

This video was published February 21, 2016. A lot has happened since then, and as of August 19, 2018, I cannot recommend purchasing from Makergeeks. I’ve received NUMEROUS complaints of orders not fulfilled, missing parts of orders, wrong product being delivered, and horrible customer service. Until I can make contact […]

3D Printing a Marble Machine

Øyvind got in contact with me and told about me about this cool marble raceway thing on Thingiverse called “The Cyclone” It looked really cool, so I knew I had to print it! GLEAM LINK FOR CONTEST! The Cyclone on Thingiverse: Øyvind on Twitter: ============================= HOLY COW […]

Assembling a 3D Printed Fallout 4 Alien Blaster

I had the chance to 3d print a Fallout 4 Alien Blaster designed by Kirby Downey at and it turned out great. Kirby is an incredibly gifted designer, and his design of the Alien Blaster doesn’t disappoint. In this video, I assemble the 3d printed model! Here is the […]

3D Printing a Mini Me with Holodeck 3D Studios

The good people at Holodeck 3D Studios used their 89 camera system to scan me, and created a 3d model from the scan. Then, I took that model and 3d printed it on my Lulzbot Mini! I’m going to be visiting Holodeck 3D Studios soon – and I’m going to […]

15K Giveaway Winner Announced!

The time is up and we announce the winner of our 15K Giveaway Contest for a copy of Simplify3D and a roll of Proto Pasta magnetic iron PLA! EXCITING! Made with Proto Pasta silver smoke high temp PLA Would you like to support my channel through Patreon? Click the […]

How To 3D Print Something For Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Every year I try to make Valentines for my wife and kids without having to buy cards at the store. This year was no different, and it was a great chance to use my 3d printer! Would you like to support my channel through Patreon? Click the […]

15K Giveaway w/ Simplify3D and Proto-Pasta

My channel just passed 15,000 subscribers! I wasn’t going to have a give away, but I was contacted by Simplify3D and Proto-Pasta about sponsoring a giveaway at 15K. So, SURPRISE CONTEST! Follow this link to enter! Would you like to support my channel through Patreon? Click the link below! […]