PREVIEW: Castle Dice Tower on gMax 1.5XT+

Here is a quick peek at the Castle Dice Tower 3D printer torture test. I think it did okay, though, it’s very easy to see I don’t have my Simplify3D settings correct. Also, had to edit on my phone for the time being. yay me. Made with Adobe Premiere Clip. […]

3D Printing a Dice Tower – 3D Printer Torture Test

If you have a 3d printer, it’s always a good idea to test it’s limits. This Castle Dice Tower will test your printers limits! Link to Castle Dice Tower by LennartS on Thingiverse: Want to help the channel? Use these links to shop at Amazon! – US Storefront […]

Review of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 3D Printer #3DPrinting

In this video I give my official review of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 3d printer! My printer reviews usually follow a slightly different path, as I do a review as *I* would like to see it. I answer these three questions: Does it print well? What’s wrong with it? […]

PREVIEW: Wanhao Duplicator i3 Review

I am prepping a review of the Wanhao Duplicatoe i3 and as you know, I had some issues during the unboxing. It looks like I’ve got a few successful prints under my belt, and I’m attempting my most ambitious print yet. If there is anything specific you want to know […]

3D Printing: Stop Wasting Plastic on Infill Percentage

For many, infill percentage is a held belief, same as political affiliation, religion, and camera brand manufacturer. I think that, as a whole, we can reduce the amount of plastic we use by reducing our infill percentage. ==== Support the channel on Patreon, become a HIGHFIVE CLUB member! ++ […]

Star Wars Filament Shoot Out [CONTEST]

I wanted to compare a couple different PLA filament brands, and I thought a good way would be to 3d print some more of Rey’s blasters. You can never have too much Star Wars swag. In the video, I’ll compare Proto Pasta, Matterhackers, Aurarum, and Colorfabb. PLUS – I’m holding […]

Wanhao Duplicator i3 Unboxing (Watch Until The End!)

I unbox the Wanhao Duplicator i3 for you! Two cameras running so you can see most everything. Plus, I did NOT open the box prior to filming, so everything you see is my first time seeing it, and all of my reactions and emotions are genuine. Also, stay until the […]

3D Printing a Groot Red Bull Koozie! Timelapse!

Enjoy a Red Bull while watching Guardians of the Galaxy by using this Groot Koozie! 3D printed using Colorfabb bamboo on my Wombot Exilis 3d printer. Here it is on Thingiverse: Want to help the channel? Use these links to shop at Amazon! – US Storefront – […]

3D Printed Mini Nuke Plant Pot from Fallout with Timelapse!

Angus over at Maker’s Muse thought my plant looked sad and extracted a mini nuke from the game Fallout 4. He made the mini nuke 3d print-able and printed one for his cactus. In the video, he called me out for having a gMax printer with a HUGE build volume […]

3D Printed Bender Red Bull Koozie

I used a remix of a previous 3d model as inspiration for a Futurama themed new 3d model! Yes, the 3d printed Bender Red Bull koozie! Want to help the channel? Use these links to shop at Amazon! – US Storefront – Canada Storefront – UK / […]

Thank You! – #HighFiveK

2015 was a wonderful year for me and my family. Thank you for your continued support of my channel and my passion for 3d printing. You make it all worth the time and effort I put into it! Plus, LOOK AT ALL THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE GIVING ME THE HIGH FIVE […]