Shoutout Sunday 001 – Australia Edition

Shoutout Sunday! I give a shout out to those whom I think are awesome. This episode is the Australia edition! Jonathan – TechWiz: Anthony – The Hot End: Aurimas – Wombot: Angus – Maker’s Muse: Al – Arcadian3D: Support the channel by shopping at Amazon: […]

3D Printing: Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

I’m a big Star Wars nerd, and what better use of 3d printing technology, than to 3d print things from the Star Wars universe! In this video, I show you my 3d printed Millennium Falcons. Yep, plural. Also, an Imperial Shuttle, a little surprise, and an impromptu give-away! Shuttle STL […]

3D Printed Yoda Bowl Winner Announced

The winner of the 3D printed Yoda bowl is announced! BIG THANKS to my buddy Bender from Bender & Molly on 106.1 KISS-FM Seattle. TWEET AT BENDER! BENDER ON FACEBOOK: More info: Support the channel by shopping at Amazon: – US Storefront – Canada Storefront […]

Dremel 3D Idea Builder Unboxing and Review

We unbox and review the 3D Ideal Builder from Dremel! Buy this printer on Amazon! ▼ Support the channel through Patreon! ▼ ▼ HOLY COW BUY A 3D PRINTING NERD SHIRT! ▼ ▼ Would you like to support my channel through Amazon? Click the links below! […]

Contest Over – Win This Hawkmoon

Help support the channel – shop at Amazon! – US Storefront – Canada Storefront – UK / Ireland Storefront The Hawkmoon from Destiny is an amazing hand cannon in the game, and an incredible sight to see in real life. 3d printed using high quality Colorfabb PLA […]

#3DPrintingOnYoutube Q&A

Support the channel, shop at Amazon: – US Storefront – Canada Storefront – UK / Ireland storefront I was tagged by Calvin at Tag! You guys are it! The Hot End ( – TechWiz – Here are the questions! 1. What was the first […]

3D Printed Hellboy Gun Winner Announced!

Support the channel, shop at Amazon! – US Storefront – Canada Storefront – UK / Ireland Storefront The winner from the following contest is announced! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Fan Mail Friday – On a Saturday!” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Replacing Nozzles on the Flashforge Creator Pro

The nozzles on my Flashforge Creator Pro were getting a bit old, plus, I wanted to start using hardened nozzles which would let me print more of the exotic filaments. It was time to replace the brass nozzles with something a little better. Thankfully, the guys at Proto Pasta had […]

3D Printing Wolverine Claws from Le Fab Shop on my gMax 1.5XT

The le Fabshop model of Wolverine Claws on Thingiverse is awesome! Here is a link to the model: Want to see the photo of the awesome overhang on Reddit? Click here: I had a lot of fun printing these, and I learned a lot as well. I ALWAYS […]

Matterhackers Matter Control Touch Tabelet for 3D Printers Review

Help support the channel, use my link to shop at Amazon! The Matterhackers Matter Control Touch bills itself as a brain for your 3d printer. I give it some real world tests to verify how smart this brain truly is. I go through the interface and give you an […]