3D Print a Custom Free Phone Case

Help the channel, use these links when you shop at Amazon! http://amazon.joeltelling.com http://amazonca.joeltelling.com http://amazoncouk.joeltelling.com I have an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s a good phone, but, it’s also a naked phone. I need a case for it. Why buy one when I can just print one! I configured and downloaded my […]

3D Printing Pi – Perfect for Pi Day (March 14th)

Found a model called Tower of Pi on Thingiverse (link in the description) and after seeing a few friends print it, I knew I had to print it. It printed well, though, it looks like I could tweak the retraction settings a bit when I print it again. Either way, […]

Custom 3D Printed Shift Knob for my Subaru WRX

I recently acquired a 2006 Subaru WRX. I LOVE IT. I’ve owned a few in the past, and loved them as well. My “new” car is fantastic. Fast, tight, takes corners like a dream. I wanted to 3d print something awesome for it, so I found this shift knob on […]

3D Printing Giant Yoda Bowl – Behind the Scenes

SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! http://amazon.joeltelling.com I 3d printed a HUGE Yoda bowl and am giving it away! Here is a short video I put together describing more about the process and how I went about printing these huge Yoda bowls. Find the model here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1083530 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Fan Mail Friday […]

3D Printing – Star Wars Yoda Bowl by Printed Solid

I 3d printed a HUGE YODA BOWL! This bowl will be great for holding all of the candy on Halloween night. Plus, this bowl will then be used to hold all the popcorn when we go to the THEATER TO SEE STAR WARS EPISODE VII!!! Yes, I am excited. This […]

Form Futura CarbonFil 3D Printer Filament Review + CONTEST

Use code 3DPN-FFT at http://www.formfutura.com to get 15% OFF YOUR ORDER! In this video I’m doing a review of the Form Futura CarbonFil 3d printer filament. I’m reviewing the 1.75mm size filament, with test printing done at 235c using my gMax 1.5 XT printer. Monocole and Mustache by chefmake on […]