Is Ultimaker Evil? [UPDATE in the comments]

I saw that Ultimaker used a model from Thingiverse in a marketing video and violated the Creative Commons license the model was released under. In the video, I talk about this, and pose the question, is Ultimaker evil? Have an opinion? Leave a comment below. gCreate Official Rocket Ship on […]

3D Printing a Monocle and Mustache

BUY THIS! My daughter needed a prop for photo day at school. There is no better prop than a monocle and a mustache! I found a model on Thingiverse, printed it out, and it was a hit! I had a lot of people ask if I could print one […]

Assembling a 3D Printed Gun – Omolon Kumakatok HC4

The Omolon Kumakatok HC4 from Destiny is a legendary weapon from the new taken king Expansion from destiny. This weapon is manufactured by Omolon. A high tech weapons manufacture which bullets are a flash cured resin on the chamber. The model is from Kirby Downey at MyMiniFactory here: The […]

3D Printing: Assembling Thorn from Destiny

3D printing a Thorn from Destiny! It’s one of the most requested guns for me to 3D print. I printed this using Colorfabb PLA / PHA on my gMax 1.5 XT 3d printer. All pieces together took roughly 25-ish hours. Printed at 0.2mm layer height, 70mm/sec print speed, 10% infill. […]

3D Printing the Hawkmoon Gun from Destiny Timelapse

I’m 3d printing the Hawkmoon gun that I gave away on my channel. I did encounter some problems once all the parts were printed, and I will be fixing them on video if you want that to happen. The timelapse rig has been changed since this video was made. Time […]