Month: July 2015


3D Printing Chris Pirillo as VaderFun using Simplify3D

I’m 3D printing the logo for Chris Pirillo’s channel VaderFun. I used Illustrator, Photoshop, and Simplify3D. Within Simplify3D, I showed off the ability to start and stop printing at certain layer heights using multiple processes and the options under Layer Modifications. Find me socially! Joel on Twitter: Joel on Facebook: Joel on Instagram: […]


1,000 Subscribers! Giving Away a Thorn Gun! [CONTEST]

1,000 YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS! Whoa! First off, here is Sean’s contact info. Make contact with this guy – he is amazingly talented at this stuff! twitter: web: Next, win this dang Thorn gun! It’s my Thorn test print, which is why it’s so many colors. I’m trying to find a way to offer these […]


3D Printing Chris Pirillo, Groot, the Thorn from Destiny, NerdHQ and a Light Switch – Nerd Vlog 003

WIN A HAWKMOON from DESTINY! Support the channel! I had quite a bit to update you on what I’ve been doing lately with 3D printing, so I decided it was time for another Nerd Vlog! Chris Pirillo’s Vader Fun channel: Groot by Doodle_Monkey on Thingiverse: Thorn from Destiny by Kirby Downey […]


3D Printing a Jack Stand / Scissor Lift plus Simplify3D Horizontal Size Adjustment / Timelapse

I have a Patreon! Want to help the channel? Use these links to shop at Amazon! – US Storefront – Canada Storefront – UK / Ireland Storefront Buy filament at Printed Solid using my affiliate link! Find Flashforge Printers and Accessories on Amazon! I found a really cool model […]


Behind the Scenes of 3D Printing Nerd

I get asked how I film my videos and what I film them with. I go into detail in this video! I use a Canon VIXIA HFG10 and a Sennheiser G2 lav mic for the recording. I process the footage in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Fan Mail Friday – On […]


Win a Free 3D Printed Gun (Hawkmoon)

gCreate saw the video where I announced there would be a contest for the test print of my Hawkmoon from Destiny. They said, “What if we sponsored the filament and had you give away a fully printed brand new Hawkmoon from Destiny?” OF COURSE I SAID YES! The idea is simple – subscribe to my […]


Illustrator & Photoshop Cookie Cutter Tutorial

Support the channel! Link to the tutorial files! I received a comment asking to specifically show how I create the base, stamper & cutter layers in Illustrator, and how I bring them over into Photoshop. In this video I cover the creation of a cookie cutter in the following steps: 1. acquire an […]


NerdHQ, Colorfabb, Transformers! Nerd Vlog 002

Support the channel! Nerd Vlog 002! I cover the following things: – NerdHQ 2015, it’s only a week away! – My Hawkmoon print, and a contest to get your own! – Transformers! – Poop! – Colorfabb bamboo filament, and general strength – a T-Rex shower head -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Fan Mail […]

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